Silicon wafers.

IT, Energy & Functional Materials

Sumitomo Chemical provides a wide variety of functional chemical products that actively contribute to reducing society’s burden on the environment and conserving energy and natural resources through innovative technologies.

Energy and Functional Materials:

Our products include resorcinol, high purity alumina, high-performance polymer additives and rubber chemicals, Penacolite® Compounding Resins, synthetic rubber, super-engineering plastics, and lithium-ion secondary battery materials. Applications of these products include energy-efficient goods, fuel efficient tires and next-generation vehicles.

We also specialize in grinding engineering plastic resins and additives for the aerospace industry.

IT-related Chemicals:

We serve as the base of operations within the United States and customer support for Sumitomo Chemical’s photoresist business, which includes Dry and immersion-type Arf, Krf, and i-line photoresists for a wide range of semiconductor and packaging applications. We also service customers for other products such as process chemicals. Activities include development, sales, distribution, technical support, and global specification.

Drawing on our experience and the process technology developed at our sister facilities in Japan, we manufacture customized epitaxial wafers using proprietary Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition processes.

With our business development capability we deliver new and valuable solutions that respond to the changes in the industry by leveraging our research and development capabilities in collaborative development with customers.

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Sumitomo Chemical Advanced Technologies