Overview of Our Sustainability Work

Guided by our Business Principle of maintaining harmony and benefit between the individual, government, and society, the Sumitomo Chemical Group continues to address a wide array of challenging societal and environmental issues. Our Sustainability Promotion Committee is working to accelerate the Company’s initiatives in support of the United Nations SDGs.  In January 2019, to further strengthen our commitment to sustainability, the Sumitomo Chemical Group established a series of Basic Principles for Promoting Sustainability:

1:  Create economic value that helps create social value
2:  Contribute to solving globally vital issues
3:  Participate in global initiatives
4:  Collaborate with stakeholders
5:  Commitment from top management and participation by all
6:  Enhance Corporate Governance

Further information on the six principles are available here.

Through its revolutionary technology, Sumitomo Chemical group hopes to contribute not just to its own sustained growth, but also to the creation of a sustainable world. This also means simultaneously contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set forth by the United Nations. Sumitomo Chemical hopes to conduct business with responsibility, in order to create a world where the planet can continue into the future, and where no one is left behind.

As part of our relentless effort, we identify certain kinds of our products and technologies as “Sumika Sustainable Solutions (SSS)” that offer technology-based new value in solving the problems to help build a sustainable society. Sumika Sustainable Solutions are those Sumitomo Chemical Group products and technologies that contribute to mitigating global warming and reducing environmental burdens. By promoting the development and the spread of these products, we will provide solutions to build a sustainable society. Find out more here


“Our business must benefit society, not merely our own interests.”

—From Sumitomo’s Business Principles