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Corporate Venturing and Innovation

Since its beginnings, Sumitomo Chemical has sought out business development opportunities that not only strengthen our core businesses but also help to realize a sustainable society. By following our principles, and guided by the Sumitomo Spirit and our Business Philosophy, our Corporate Venturing and Innovation (CVI) offices play a crucial role by finding and cultivating innovative and disruptive technologies for the future businesses of Sumitomo Chemical.

Our CVI offices are searching for new innovative technologies while partnering with academia and start-ups. With two CVI offices in the U.S. – in Cambridge, MA and Silicon Valley, CA – we are developing and maintaining partnerships for collaborative research in our main four focus research areas of Food, Health Care, Reducing Environmental Impact, and Information Communication Technology (ICT).

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We continue our exploration for new promising start-ups and groundbreaking academia groups.

Boston Office
245 Main Street, 2nd Floor
Cambridge, MA 02142