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Sumitomo Chemical’s business philosophy is grounded in the concept of maintaining harmony between the company's interests and those of the public. We strive to benefit not only our own business, but also society, a concept that is at the core of corporate social responsibility (CSR). At Sumitomo Chemical, CSR is not philanthropy but a way of conducting business that contributes to a more prosperous society.

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One example is supporting the global fight against malaria through our Olyset® Net, a mosquito net developed to prevent malaria.

Malaria, an infectious disease transmitted by Anopheles mosquitoes, has been a major impediment to Africa’s endeavor to end poverty, and its elimination is identified as one of the most pressing challenges facing the human race. Sumitomo Chemical has been making a significant contribution to the control of malaria by supplying Olyset® Net, an insecticidal mosquito net that it developed in-house to protect people in Africa and Asia from malaria-carrying mosquitoes. We manufacture the Olyset® Net in Africa, thereby helping to create local jobs while promoting the growth of the regional economy.

Sumitomo Chemical’s Olyset® Net has revolutionized the global fight against malaria. Protecting nearly 800 million people since it received WHO recommendation in 2001, the highly durable and award-winning LLIN (long-lasting insecticidal net) uses hybrid polymer and controlled insecticide release technology to repel, kill and prevent mosquitoes from biting for up to five years.

Origins of the Olyset Net

The development of the Olyset Net started when a Sumitomo Chemical employee heard a report on the spread of Malaria in Saudi Arabia. The report moved him to make efforts to combat malaria his lifetime work. It also inspired him to take up independent research into malaria prevention, which he pursued in addition to his regular work responsibilities. His commitment and enthusiasm were infectious and gradually inspired others. As the number of people who understood and shared his vision increased, ventilation and cost issues were resolved and the Olyset Net eventually developed into an independent business that embodied Sumitomo Chemical’s business principles.

The Olyset Net can be considered one of the best examples of a business that symbolizes our “Creative Hybrid Chemistry,” where one Sumitomo Chemical employee’s commitment and enthusiasm encouraged others to communicate closely across divisions and organizations, bringing benefit not only to the company, but also to society.

Olyset Net:

  • Nearly 800 million people protected
  • The production of Olyset Nets in East Africa has created 8,000 jobs
  • Current production capacity of Olyset Nets in East Africa reaches 30 million units per year.

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We believe that improving Africa’s educational system is essential for the continent to overcome poverty and achieve self-sustaining economic development.
Sumitomo Chemical is supporting schools in 12 African countries, benefiting over 21,000 people.

Since 2005, Sumitomo Chemical has been actively engaged in projects with various international NGOs and foundations to build elementary and junior high school buildings and related facilities in Africa. As of April 2020, 31 projects have been completed in twelve African countries, including Tanzania, Senegal, and Nigeria.

A recent project includes our partnership with Oando Foundation in Nigeria where we supported building two solar-powered Information and Communications Technology (ICT) centers and one Early Child Care Center (ECCD). The projects, across two schools, improve access to quality basic education for pupils in public schools.

We at Sumitomo Chemical remain committed to contributing to the sustainable development of Africa and Asia and will continue our long-term support for education so that more children can have access to a better education.

Educational Support for Africa:

  • 31 projects completed
  • 12 countries helped

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Sumitomo Chemical defines our efforts of promoting sustainability as “contributing to the establishment of a sustainable society while achieving the sustainable growth of our business.” This principle of sustainability is in keeping with the Sumitomo Spirit, which calls on us to consider our business and society as one and the same, thereby enhancing our corporate value.

As part of our effort at promoting sustainability and solving social issues we have, since FY2014, been conducting employee engagement projects that include the support of top management, initiatives from business segments, and the ideas and participation of all officers and employees.