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Animal Nutrition

Since 1951, the Sumitomo Chemical Company has made tremendous contributions in livestock production. We are one of the leading manufacturers of Synthetic Methionine with our products Sumimet-P® (dry DL-methionine 99% feed grade) and Sumimet-L® (liquid methionine hydroxyl analog 88% feed grade).

Methionine is an essential amino acid that cannot be synthesized in an animal’s body. It is widely used as a feed additive for poultry, swine, dairy, companion animals and aquaculture. The global methionine market has been growing at an annual rate of about 6 percent and is expected to show a similar growth in the years to come.

In 2018, Sumitomo Chemical opened a new methionine production plant in Niihama City, Japan. The production capacity of the new plant is approximately 100,000 metric tons per year, bringing Sumitomo Chemical's total worldwide production capacity for synthetic methionine (Sumimet-P® and Sumimet-L®) to around 250,000 metric tons per year. This expansion will enable us to further cement our position as a leading supplier of methionine, thereby helping to ensure a stable global food supply.

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