Phoenix, Ariz., U.S. — Sumitomo Chemical Advanced Technologies (here) has developed and will soon commercialize a new family of long-fiber thermoplastic (LFT) compounds with high-performance liquid crystal polymer (LCP) matrices reinforced with 13-mm chopped carbon fiber or fiberglass. The new materials are currently undergoing customer evaluations in several industries and developmental quantities of two grades — SUMIKASUPER™ SCG-379 with 30-50% fiber-weight fraction (FWF) E-glass and SUMIKASUPER SCG-420 with 30-40% FWF high-modulus carbon fiber — are available to interested parties for testing. An LCP matrix and the option for carbon fiber reinforcement will significantly upgrade the thermal and mechanical performance available from LFT technology and the products are being targeted to replace alloys of aluminum and magnesium as well as steel.