Education Support for Africa

We believe that improving Africa’s educational system is crucial to assisting the continent to overcome poverty and achieve self-sustaining economic development.

Sumitomo Chemical is supporting schools in 12 African countries. Beneficiaries: over 21,000 people.

Since 2005, Sumitomo Chemical has been actively engaged in projects with various international NGOs and foundations to build elementary and junior high school buildings and related facilities in Africa. As of May 2019, 28 projects have been completed in twelve African countries, including Tanzania, Senegal, and Nigeria, with projects also currently under way in Kenya and Ghana.

A recent project includes our partnership with Oando Foundation in Nigeria where we supported building solar-powered Information and Communications Technology (ICT) centers in three public to improve access to quality basic education for pupils in public schools.

We at Sumitomo Chemical will remain committed to contributing to the sustainable development of Africa and Asia and will continue our long-term support for education so that more children can have access to a better education.

Educational Support for Africa

  • 28 projects completed
  • 3 projects underway
  • 12 countries helped