Sumika Polymers North America LLC

Sumika Polymers North America is a 100% subsidiary of the Sumitomo Chemical Group located in North America. It is part of the Petrochemicals & Plastics Division which markets, develops, manufactures and offers a wide range of polyolefin-based thermoplastic products including polyethylene, polypropylene, thermoplastic olefin rubbers and thermoplastic elastomers.

Our motto of “Global Solutions, Local Support” describes the company’s business philosophy. Sumitomo seeks to exceed the product requirements of our customers with leading technology and innovation while offering the lowest system cost possible. Capitalizing on our outstanding technologies, we have a world-class supply system that utilizes our global production and commercial support in North America, South America, Japan, Europe, China, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East.

Product Portfolio Range

  • ESPOLEX®, Thermo Plastics Elastomer
  • NOBLEN®, Polypropylene/ Engineered PP
  • Thermofil HP®, Glass-Filled PP

Research and Development

Sumika Polymers operates its own research laboratories in Griffin, GA within its primary manufacturing facility. Here, a team of scientists and research specialists, focus on product developments for the North American customers including automotive specification certification.

Company History

  • In 1992, Sumitomo Chemical created a joint venture with Chevron Phillips Chemical as Phillips Sumika Polypropylene Company
  • In 1996, PSPC started its first polypropylene compounding operations in North America.
  • In 2006, Sumitomo Chemical launched the local production of its thermoplastic elastomers product line, ESPOLEX® TPE Elastomers.
  • In 2008, Sumitomo Chemical launched a polypropylene compounding JV with Toyo Chem in Griffin, GA.
  • In 2011, with the dissolution of PSPC, Sumitomo Chemical established Sumika Polymers North America as a 100% subsidiary of Sumitomo Chemical Group offering NOBLEN® Polypropylene Resins and Compounds.
  • In 2014, Sumitomo Chemical combined the Polypropylene Compounds and Thermoplastic Elastomer business into one team based in Novi, MI.
  • In early 2019, Sumika Polymers North America LLC, purchased the former JV with Toyo Chem the polypropylene compounding site in Griffin, GA
  • In late 2019, Sumika Polymers North America LLC, moved its Corporate Office from Novi, MI to Farmington Hills, MI – due to continued growth

Company Headquarters
Sumika Polymers North America LLC
Petrochemicals Division – Commercial Operations
27555 Executive Drive
Suite 380
Farmington Hills, MI 48331


(248) 284–4797


Making a Safer Automotive World

In an effort to support our customers, we jointly introduced safety materials on the 2005 Honda Civic Interior Vehicle programs that allowed the highest level of safety systems in the car industry (via multiple air bag systems).  Sumitomo Chemical was able to offer global interior PP,TPE and TPO trim grades that allowed airbag systems to deploy successfully without interfering with occupant safety during a crash. Sumitomo worked  alongside Honda engineering to optimize the systems and produced some of the safest vehicles in the market.  Today Sumitomo Chemical continues to be the innovative leader in safety systems with Espolex® TPE Resins and NOBLEN® TPO Resins across numerous car companies.  We continue our goal of making a safer automotive world with our stat of the art resins!