Pace International


Pace collaborates with growers, packers and agricultural organizations to develop innovative solutions to enhance, protect, and preserve fruit and vegetable quality and freshness. Pace is the leading global provider of sustainable postharvest solutions and technologies, equipment and technical services to maximize efficiencies in packing operations and increase the freshness and value of harvested crops.

Our Mission

To enhance and protect fresh fruit and vegetables around the world, and hence extending freshness of produce while reducing food waste.

Research and Development

Pace International operates its own manufacturing plant in Wapato, WA, near company headquarters in Bellevue, WA. Teams of experienced postharvest specialists are available to provide technical support, solutions for pack line applications, water systems sanitation, food safety programs, and other ways to maximize efficiencies of packing line operations.

Company History

  • Pace International was established in 1953
  • Focused on Agricultural chemical products in 1997
  • Purchased SC Johnson fruit coatings division and EcoScience business in 1999
  • Niched in Postharvest Agricultural Chemicals in 2002
  • Pace acquired FruitGard, LLC in 2007 for pre-harvest product lines (RAYNOX, RainGard)
  • Pace acquired CH2O, a US regional Cleaners & Sanitizers business and service company in March 2012
  • December 2012, VBC acquired Pace International
  • Pace launches FYSIUM in 2015
  • Pace introduces BioSpectra, a biorational fungicide of broadspectrum


Company Headquarters
Pace International, LLC
5661 Branch Road
Wapato, WA 98951


(800) 936-6750


Supporting Our Customers

The 20th Century saw our planet grow from 1.6 billion to 6.1 billion people, due in large part to the “green revolution” in agriculture and improvements in human health. By 2050, the population of the world will surpass 9.3 billion people, a number that is estimated to represent the apex of the human population on Earth.

At Pace we understand the importance of food production, food safety and food security, as well as the challenges when it comes to enhancing, protecting and preserving the quality of fruits and vegetables before they reach the consumer. From edible carnauba coatings to conventional and biorational fungicides and other specialty products, our expansive list of solutions help packers fight against serious diseases and disorders that threaten the health and value of fruit and vegetables.

With great pride, we are committed to supporting our customers so they are able to deliver fresh, nutritious and appealing fruits and vegetables to more people around the world any time of the year.