Our History

Sumitomo Chemical Company(SCC) celebrated its one-hundredth anniversary in 2015. From the beginning, SCC embodied the socially minded business philosophy of the Sumitomo family handed down from a 17th century Buddhist monk Masatomo Sumitomo. The roots of modern day Sumitomo Chemical began business in 1915 producing fertilizers from sulfur dioxide gas emitted by copper smelters, thereby solving an environmental problem while simultaneously meeting a demand for more agricultural production. Since then SCC has grown from a small Japanese company to a large global corporation with over thirty thousand employees, while always upholding its founding principles.

Sumitomo’s original copper refining method

At present the Sumitomo Chemical Group, including over 160 subsidiaries and affiliates worldwide, operates businesses in five sectors —petrochemicals, energy & functional materials, IT-related chemicals, health & crop sciences, and pharmaceuticals. We manufacture products that support a wide variety of industries and help people’s daily lives in a myriad of ways, from agriculture to car safety to communications.

The Group Companies of the Americas include Pace International, MGK, Sumitomo Chemical America Inc., Sumitomo Chemical Do Brasil, Sumika Polymers North America, Sumitomo Chemical Advanced Technologies , Valent U.S.A., and Valent BioSciences. The Group Companies local responsibilities include manufacturing, marketing, and sales activities in North and South America for all of Sumitomo Chemical’s Business sectors.