Regional Initiative Overview

Sumitomo Chemical Company is always working to achieve continuous improvement of the company. To support this objective SCC Management Committee elected to establish Regional Headquarters for the Americas in the US at the New York office of Sumitomo Chemical America. Among other responsibilities, the office is tasked with spearheading a “Regional Initiative” to improve regional representation of the SCC global brand, support the development and enhancement of essential business service departments, and support new business and new markets development.

Scott N. Mitchell, the President and CEO of Sumitomo Chemical America, has written a letter to all Group Company employees introducing this important initiative.

Edited minutes from the Global Managers Meeting are included below.

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Global Managers Meeting

As part of the Regional Initiative, Regional Headquarters will have the following three main functions:

  1. Improve regional representation of the SCC brand
  2. Oversee collaboration with essential business service departments
  3. Support business and new markets development

These three functions are summarized as follows:

1. Improve Regional Representation of the SCC Brand

Brand Value Enhancement for the Sumitomo Chemical Group

  • Enhance the Group’s brand value and presence in the region
  • Strengthen networking with relevant government offices and potential customers
  • Assist Group Companies that have already generated their own brand awareness to make themselves recognized as part of the Sumitomo Chemical Group

Collection and Communication of Local Information

  • Investigate and collect information on national economies and relevant laws and regulations; communicate findings to relevant departments
  • Collect technical information (based on partnerships with universities and research institutes, etc.)
  • Promote open innovations (such as the development of base technologies and the procurement of technology element modules)

2. Oversee Collaboration with Essential Business Service Departments

Synergies in Cost Efficiency and Better Job Quality

  • Collaborate with essential business service functions, including the unification of systems, with a view to gaining synergies in cost efficiency and improved job quality
  • Prioritize collaboration efforts by looking at the status of Group Companies; determine which back-office consolidations will produce cost benefits

Addition and Enhancement of New Essential Business Service Functions

  • Add and/or enhance new functions based on an analysis of need by region and function
  • Support smaller companies which cannot afford full administrative resources

3. Support Business and New Markets Development

Support for Business Sectors

  • Affirm that business sectors have authority and responsibility for business development, including the development of new businesses relevant to their own sector
  • Provide support information and advice regarding peripheral niche sectors
  • Provide support for large-scale projects owned by global headquarters

Development of New Markets

  • Develop new markets in the industry and region