Sumitomo Chemical do Brasil

Sumitomo Chemical do Brasil is a subsidiary of Sumitomo Chemical Company (SCC). The company was established in 1975 in association with other Japanese companies to manage SCC interests and investments in the Brasilian petrochemical sector.

SCB was first located in Rio de Janeiro but later moved its offices to São Paulo. The company started its commercial activities with Animal Nutrition, Environmental Health and AgroSolution divisions.

Today, aiming to contribute to the demands of society by helping increase food production, preventing the spread of infectious diseases, and allowing people to enjoy healthier lives, SCB has grown in the Brasilian market and continues to achieve its regional goals.

Our Mission

To promote wellness, offering sustainable solutions for society’s health and food production.

Business Units

  • Animal Nutrition Division: SCB contributes to the development of poultry production by commercializing Methionine (the amino acid responsible for increasing poultry health and quality). SCB currently owns 5% of the Brasilian market.
  • Environmental Health Division: Our products appear in many business sectors, including household insecticides, pet care products, public health products, and gardening products. SCB became the Regional Headquarters for Latin America in 2016.
  • AgroSolution Division: SCB became the Regional Headquarters for this business unit in Latin America in 2011, with sales of the company’s chemical and biorational products contributing to increased food production in the region.

Company Headquarters
Sumitomo Chemical do Brasil
Avenida Paulista, 854
Floors 11 and 16
São Paulo – SP


55 11 3174 0355

Pinheiros River Project, São Paulo, Brasil

The Pinheiros River, located in the metropolitan region of São Paulo, the largest city in Latin America, has in its entire length, approximately 26 km from waters with excessive presence of organic matter. Crossing places of high population density, it eventually became a significant breeding area for Culex quinquefasciatus, nocturnal blood-sucking mosquito which causes great inconvenience to the people, and even vector diseases to man as filariasis and encephalitis.

The city of São Paulo took control of this insect in Pinheiros River since 1970. At that time the methodology was based on the application of liquid conventional insecticides, which required manpower, lots of water and tank vehicles to support the operation in an area of ​​heavy traffic.

In 2003, a new technology from Sumitomo Chemical started to be tested in order to control this insect: it combined the use of a biological larvicide based on Bacillus sphaericus, bacteria naturally occurring in the environment, which through fermentation produces highly efficient active ingredients in larval control Culex quinquefasciatus and a granular application from a boat.

VECTOLEX CG®, features large positive differentials for this operation, high performance product, dried and granulated formulation of specific action against the mosquito and residual, being harmless to other organisms that inhabit the aquatic environment and the environment. The use of VECTOLEX CG®, provided the mosquito control program in São Paulo, eliminating large quantities of water used in the operation, decrease the number of people involved and increase labor income.

Today, the advantages of the formulation of Vectolex CG® allowed, in addition to application by boats, the development of aerial applications, made by helicopter, assuring a quick and safe operation on the control of this vector in a regular basis and increasing the quality of life for the population of São Paulo city.